Music Producer & Composer

    Hi, I’m an artist known as T.A.V


Die Hard Musician, also known as Tavleen Singh, founder of Artusion Records, Artusion Music & Outcreate.


I Compose & Produce Music for Movies & Songs. I write on Personal Growth for Creators.


Based in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Working with Singers, Rappers, Artists, Musicians & Creators all around the globe.

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Some Projects that I’ve worked on
  • T.A.V, GD Singh ft Harnav Bir Singh - Who's That
    Crown & Poetry - Ik Fariyaad
    T.A.V - Flying Aura
    T.A.V - Singha ft Padam Syan
    LPU - Ain't No Way (Yashiyan)
    Rupees of God - Silent Short Movie

Let’s Work Together.

Lets contribute some great Art to the world together.

Kind words by people I’ve worked with
  • You are a man of talent, a darer and an influence on the Art I create. Thank you for the inspiration Brother.

  • You are a wonderful artist, amazing musical sense and creative in work. Proud of the work you did for my movies so far.

  • You're a great personality with a gifted Musical soul. Blessed by god for music & success.

  • You are very creative, always coming up with something fresh & unique, you produce heart-stealing Music.

  • We worked for short time yet you influenced my life strongly. Your zeal & zest for work made each day of our experience divine.


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